This program includes:

Product donations
Each centre receives LEGO® Play Boxes and Learning through Play activity booklets.

Development of a 'Training of Trainers' model, including a group of 25 Master Trainers and over 300 trainers throughout the country.

Supervision visits to ensure quality in the involved centres. Additionally, in collaboration with a group of experts, The LEGO Foundation and DIF work to transform the supervision model to ensure it prioritizes interactions and quality play experiences.

Play Standard
A competency standard has been developed together with the DIF, the Slim Foundation and a group of experts to ensure that any practitioner in the country can be certified as a Learning through Play facilitator.

Development of a new curriculum ensuring that play is prominent throughout the programme.

Through the authority of DIF this programme is influencing other ECD Service providers, both public and private on the importance of Learning Through Play.

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Download program description and 2018 impact targets below.