What does Playful Learning Look and Feel Like?

This webinar introduces you to a tool called the “Indicators of Playful Learning” that the Pedagogy of Play project has developed for understanding how Learning through Play looks and feels. The webinar will include a mini-experience with Learning through Play, and a downloadable version of the indicators tool will be provided.

The Pedagogy of Play project is a collaboration between Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Cambridge, USA, and the International School of Billund in Denmark. The goal of the project is to understand and promote Learning through Play in schools. 




Megina Baker is a researcher on the Pedagogy of Play project, and recently received a Ph.D. from Boston College, where she studied early childhood education, bilingualism, and teacher education. Megina has over ten years of experience as a teacher of young children, both in the United States and in Sweden. She was also a member and facilitator of the Making Learning Visible (Phase IV) group, at Project Zero, and is a current member of the Democracy Inquiry Group situated at Wheelock College. Recently, Megina collaborated with Ben Mardell in writing a new integrated, play-based curriculum for the Boston Public Schools kindergarten program called Focus on K2. 

Ben Mardell is a principal investigator at Project Zero (a research organisation at the Harvard Graduate School of Education), working on the Pedagogy of Play and Children are Citizens projects. He is also a professor in early childhood education at Lesley University. For the past 30 years, Ben has taught and conducted research with infants, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartens.