My Thunder Buddy - a child's stress reducing furry friend


Elisabeth Ginsberg is Head of Strategy and Innovation in the project organization responsible for the new Children’s Hospital Copenhagen. Together with patients, relatives and staff, she is working on improving the hospital experience of kids, adolescents and families. 

Torsten Lauritsen (MD, Anesthesiologist) is Head of the Department of Anesthesiology at the Juliane Marie Center at Rigshospitalet (Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark). From 2024 all patients up to 18 years will be receiving their treatment and care at Children’s Hospital Copenhagen – a new hospital connected to the existing hospital: Torsten Lauritsen is part of the management team of clinical staff who is involved in the planning of the new hospital.



Dorthe Feveile Kjerkegaard is a design specialist in play and health, Centre for Creativity, Play and Learning at the LEGO Foundation. She has many years of experiences in developing the hospitals in Denmark. Her role is to advise on how to build on the long term knowledge about Learning through Play and integrate it into a health setting. In collaboration with hospitals she is focused on how play can have a healing factor for the children, adolescents, pregnant women and families.