Playing with babies and Toddlers


Dr Victoria Leong is a developmental cognitive neuroscientist who is interested in how parents and infants communicate and learn from each other. She heads the Baby-LINC Lab at the University of Cambridge where she uses electroencephalgraphy (EEG) to study how mutual synchronisation could help babies to learn from their mothers.

Dr Melissa Scarpate is trained in developmental psychology and family studies and is currently working at the PEDAL (Play in Education, Development and Learning) centre at the University of Cambridge in the Faculty of Education. As well as creating translational research content for a new PEDAL website, Melissa is a current Data Champion and holds a PhD in Human Development and Family Studies.

Dr Ciara Laverty is a Research Associate at the PEDAL centre at the University of Cambridge. She is interested in how parents play with their babies (0-2 year olds), and essentially what a playful interaction looks like.
Twitter contact: @Ciara_Laverty

Hanne Jensen is a Research Specialist at the LEGO Foundation Centre for Creativity, Play and Learning. Her research focuses children’s learning through play, particularly how interactions between children and adults can frame great learning opportunities.