Love and play: fundaments of our development

After this interesting webinar you’ll have a clearer understanding of the biology of love and how fundamental it is for the way we are with our children. You will also understand how play exercises the imagination and why this is important for the development of conceptualisation.



Kathleen Forsythe has worked as a practical visionary for over 40 years, with artistry, poetry, novel writing and education. She holds the title of Doctor of Knowledge Architecture through an unusual jury of peers who recognized the originality of her thinking with regards to learning and the imagination. Working with innovative organisations, Kathleen has helped found and create several in British Columbia including the Knowledge Network, one of the first satellite based telecommunications networks for learning, as well as the SelfDesign Learning Community, a novel school that supports children aged 5-19 learning in the home and community.

Recently, Kathleen’s work has focused on more deeply understanding languaging in non-verbal children and youth diagnosed with autism which involves developmental play. A key element to her work is thinking that the imagination is fundamental for learning and conceptualization and that play is the exercise of the imagination.



Dr. Pille Bunnell is a systems ecologist who has specialised in the integration and explanation of complex concerns for domain specialists, policy makers, students, and the public.