Getting Started with Learning through play in Embu, Kenya (PlayFutures Webinar Feb 2019)

The stories and experiences shared by the international speakers in this webinar brings you hands-on examples on how to get started with and implement 'learning through play', offering a great opportunity to kickstart your own ideas.

For your further inspiration, check out the many great practical inspiration resources created by the community team: Co-Created Explorations: Getting Started with Learning through Play 



Megina Baker, Lecturer of Early Childhood Education, Boston University, USA. Megina is a member of the Pedagogy of Play partnership between Project Zero, the International School of Billund, Denmark, and LEGO Foundation to foster Learning through Play in schools. You may have seen her around in PlayFutures before as she's hosted a previous webinar on Pedagogy of Play with her colleague Ben Mardell.

Rikke Berggren Paaskesen, Educational Curriculum Manager, Kubo Robotics, Denmark. A passionate explorer and advocate for Learning through Play, Rikke develops educational courses, reviews and develops teaching material using robotics. She also teaches children STEAM through open-ended projects using robot technologies in storytelling projects and with the use of learning designs. Rikke likes to inspire the playful spirit of human beings as a valuable outcome to society, education and to people’s life in general.

Rebecca Ngaywa, Sociologist, Director and Founder of Blossoming Cherries Learning Center, Kenya. Rebecca acted on her lifelong dream of starting a play-based learning centre for children in Kenya, this lead her to become the director of Blossoming Cherries Early Learning Centre. Rebecca is really passionate about early childhood development and the roles of play in this setting, and with her experience brings a wealth of knowledge to the Exploration core team.



Charlotte Wieder, Learning through Play advocate and former PlayFutures Manager (2016-2018), LEGO Foundation, Billund, Denmark. Charlotte loves engaging in vibrant innovation networks of play and education enthusiasts and promote learning through play philosophy and practice. She is particularly interested in how to design and test learning through play experiences in the classroom, at home and outdoors, in natural settings.