Parents as playful learning experience facilitators

This webinar discusses how technology-enabled approaches can empower parents to have Learning through Play experiences with their children.



Daphne Metland is the Director of Content Consultants, an award winning editorial agency that creates content for websites and behaviour change messaging programmes on mobile phones. She has lead the content development for mobile phone messaging in countries all over the world to help effective behaviour change including writing the library of SMS and auto message for MAMA (Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action). The library has been used by 75 charities and NGOs in 35 countries.

Daphne has led the content development for mobile phone messaging in China, Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, Mexico and South Africa. Messages were adapted to fit with cultural needs by working with local NGOs, experts and focus groups with the target audience. In Bangladesh, a ‘paired’ programme was developed for village elders and key family members. In India, a jingle was used to encourage the whole family to listen to messages on a speaker phone. In Mexico gamification was used to help create effective behaviour change.

Daphne is a member of the Royal Society of Medicine, the Association of Medical Journalists, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Daphne has spoken on behaviour change at m-health events in Washington, China, India, Uganda and Mexico.


Vivienne Ming, named one of 10 Women to Watch in Tech by Inc. Magazine, is a theoretical neuroscientist, entrepreneur and author. She co-founded Socos, a company where machine learning, cognitive neuroscience and economics are combined to maximise life outcomes in education and the workplace. One of Soco’s products provides family-focused development of children’s life outcomes for long term community impact. They are also developing initiatives in South Africa and for latinas in the US and Mexico. You can learn more on the product page here

Previously, Vivienne was a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley's Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience, pursuing her research in cognitive neuroprosthetics. In her free time, Vivienne has invented AI systems to help treat her diabetic son, predict manic episodes in bipolar suffers weeks in advance, and reunited orphan refugees with extended family members. She sits on boards of numerous companies and non-profits including StartOut, The Palm Center, Cornerstone Capital, Platypus Institute, Shiftgig, Zoic Capital, and SmartStones. Dr. Ming also speaks frequently on her AI-driven research into inclusion and gender in business.