INTRODUCTION. Green Blue Spaces, where play and learning are natural

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. / Albert Einstein

This co-created exploration, set in Belize, investigates the theme of learning through play in outdoor, ”Green Blue" spaces.

Created by an international team of researchers and practitioners, the work advocates that there should be more time for children to play and learn outdoors in natural settings, exploring the world, developing skills and learning through play.

Ideas presented are suitable for children 0-12 years and can be applied in a range of early childhood programs,  schools, home and community settings.

To inspire your further exploration of ideas about learning through play in outdoor spaces, an inspiration book and a webinar are available.


The inspiration book aims to empower educators and communities by sharing concepts, innovative methodologies and training strategies. It also aims to support partnerships in Belize, with potential for replication across Caribbean learning communities and education networks.


The webinar highlights prototyping strategies for engaging students, instructors, practitioners and decision makers. The overall aim of the webinar is to create learning about nature-based pedagogy, how to build curricula aimed at building skills and how to bring Learning through Play concepts in natural landscapes.

WEBINAR. Green Blue Innovations and Initiatives: Where Play and Learning are Natural


The objective of this exploration is to re-imagine and innovate learning through play in natural spaces. By co-creating and piloting learning through play modules with local educators, the authors wants to support lifelong learning and professional development training in line with both national agendas and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Exploration 6 team