'Chain reaction is an intuitively simple concept, but one that allows for an incredibly complex and deep investigation into something we experience every day: the relationship between cause and effect. Chain reaction is always done as a collective contraption: each participant is given a chunk of real estate on a table onto which to build a sequence of events. The only constraint is that it has to set off the contraption built by the next participant: in the end this will result in a continuous chain reaction that goes from start to finish seamlessly, each section having been contributed by a different participant.'

- The Tinkering Studio

Create your own chain reaction! Here is a step by step guide for participating in our ongoing giant chain reaction:

1. Download the chain reaction guide

Our friends from The Tinkering Studio at the Exploratorium have developed this amazing guide that will help you with your creation. 

2. Build your chain reaction and video-record it

Every time you test your machine shoot a video! Upload the video that you are happy with and shows your creation in a good angle. Now go to the next step. When recording, try different angles to get the best view on your creation. 


3. Upload your video

Upload your video to our dropbox here


 4. Done! 

You will soon see your video joining the YouTube feed. Well done!

Want to your video to social media? Don't forget to tag #RoundTheWorld ChainReaction to add your video to the giant chain reaction going around the world!

This page was created for our virtual LEGO Idea Conference Create-A-Thon in March 2020. Find interviews, keynotes, and panel discussions from the conference at https://www.legoideaconference.com/  

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