The LEGO® Idea Studio - an introduction

The LEGO Idea Studio is an applied research lab that designs open-ended learning through play activities and experiences. Inside you’ll find activity prototypes in all stages of development, made of LEGO bricks and other materials. Each activity is designed to invite participants to develop their own unique creations, as described in the LEGO Idea:

With the LEGO bricks we can build anything we can possibly imagine as if they were glued and yet they can easily be taken apart and reconfigured into a new idea. When we do this we are not only creating, but also evaluating, reflecting and recreating to achieve new possibilities. We learn through play in a self motivated and fun way.

The LEGO Idea Studio shares designs for all activities so they can be used freely in libraries, schools, and homes around the world. You’ll find guides for the activities published on the LEGO Idea Studio Instructables page.

The approach used in the Studio is based on Constructionism, as developed by Seymour Papert, with inspiration from the Reggio Children Foundation, the Tinkering Studio at the Exploratorium, and the Lifelong Kindergarten Group in MIT Media Lab. In addition to activity development, the LEGO Idea Studio does applied research on physical/digital play and learning with partners around the world.