Knowledge and resources for social-emotional learning


Harvard EASLE Lab: knowledge on social emtotional learning

Harvard Centre for the Developing Child: general knowledge around child development and lots of resources for families around stress, resilience

PEDAL Hub: Resource Library

The LEGO Foundation Distance Learning through Play in Middle School

The LEGO Foundation Distance Learning through Play in Primary School

The LEGO Foundation Learning to cope through play: In this booklet we share how play can provide a supportive context for children to cope with stress


Panorama Education



Coping With Changes: Social Emotional Learning Through Play: a free online course from the LEGO Foundation designed for parents, caregivers and teachers.


Activity ideas & resources

The LEGO Foundation The Playlist - a resource with tons of ideas for playful learning

Sesame Street Exploring Emotions 

UNICEF Social Emotional Wellbeing #LearningAtHome Challenge

Sesame & the LEGO Foundation Elmo's Wolrd News