We work with the University Colleges which are responsible for educating teachers and pedagogues in Denmark. Through our partnership, we aim to establish learning through play as a preferred method for teachers and pedagogues to equip children with the broad range of skills they need.  Right now, we are in the early stages of establishing play-based curricula as an integrated part of the University Colleges. In addition, we will be piloting an in-service course on play-based learning for pedagogues in two municipalities (Billund and Esbjerg) with a view to scaling this.

By giving teachers and pedagogues the knowledge and insight about why and how to implement learning through play, we are looking to create systemic change in the Danish kindergartens and schools, thereby positively impacting children across the country.

The LEGO Foundation is also contributing to the Early Childhood Alliance. The alliance works to ensure that all small children have a good life and develop the necessary preconditions – personally, socially and academically – for beneficial schooling. In addition, the Alliance works to ensure that the first 1,000 days of all children’s lives are safe and stimulating so they can thrive, learn and develop right from birth. At the LEGO Foundation, we know how important play is in establishing those preconditions and skills, so our main footprint within the alliance is to ensure play is established as an important element in achieving these.