The LEGO Foundation and U.S. Agency for International Development--USAID partner to increase access to Learning through Play for all children

Billund, 8 September
Now more than ever, children, caregivers, educators and their communities lack access, and the means to deliver quality education in many parts of the world. Low-tech, innovative strategies built on partnerships are needed to engage learners, help families cope, prevent development backsliding and ensure teacher and child well-being. USAID and The LEGO Foundation are joining hands to leverage resources, programmes, research, and complementing expertise to meet the pre-primary and primary education needs of children in development and humanitarian settings. With our shared goal of increasing access to learning through play for all children, especially the most marginalized, during and beyond the global pandemic, we hope to inspire similar public-private partnerships to reach even more children with quality learning through play experiences.

Partnership announcement USAID & LEGO Foundation