DKK 57 million for a new project focusing on play in Danish day care and schools


The Danish university colleges and the LEGO Foundation have recently signed a unique partnership agreement with the shared ambition of developing a new understanding of learning the basis of play, focused on children in the 0–15 age range.

This new collaboration setup is based on the educator and teacher training carried out by the Danish university colleges. The ambition is for the educators and teachers of the future to acquire skills that support a playful approach to children's development and learning. This overall objective aligns well with the Danish university colleges’ strategic focus on strengthening education of exceptional quality.

The LEGO Foundation has donated DKK 57 million to the programme, and will also be contributing with knowledge and experience gained from other parts of the world where the Foundation is also involved in using play to strengthen children’s learning and development.

The development and implementation of the Playful Learning programme does not aim at any specific concept or actual curriculum. Working in partnership with the LEGO Foundation, the Danish university colleges will test and experiment as well as developing new ideas that are relevant to actual pedagogical practices in schools and in day care.

As part of the project, actual “Play Labs” will be established at all Danish university colleges. These Play Labs become the visible framework for the programme, where both the teachers and the students are given opportunities to experiment and develop new skills in relation to a pedagogical practice focused on play.

Educators and teachers of the future
Rector at Copenhagen University College and Chairperson of the University Colleges Denmark association (Danske Professionshøjskoler), Stefan Hermann says:

“Fortunately, there is now a sharper general focus on the importance of children’s play and creativity in schools, day care and after-school institutions. That’s why we need to reinvent and renew the role of play within our educational traditions. Playful Learning will explore and develop ideas about how the educators and teachers of the future can work with play and with a playful approach to children’s development and learning. We’re excited about getting started with this programme.”

Project with international vision
The LEGO Foundation has high expectations with regard to this partnerhip, and is looking forward to being able to draw on the experiences of other similar projects elsewhere in the world.

As Kasper Ottosson Kanstrup, Vice President of the LEGO Foundation, points out:
“Childhood and play go hand in hand. Right from birth, children have a natural ability to learn about the world through play, but such play lacks recognition for its crucial and critical role in children’s learning and development. That’s why it is crucial that we reconsider the value of play and that we, with this project, can help make professional development in the educational sphere sync better with play agendas, and thereby develop a shared pedagogical tradition across the many good educational opportunities we provide for children in Denmark.”


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