The LEGO Foundation strives to bring play and learning through play to children around the world by working to redefine play and re-imagine learning. 

Our work always combines our three ways of working:


We identify and support programmes on the ground as examples of how learning through play positively impacts children’s development. We seek out initiatives where we can have maximum impact and have identified opportunities for applying our extensive knowledge about play in real-world settings. In order to do so, we form partnerships with organisations, school systems and governments around the world on activities that focus on improving whole child development and by bringing learning through play into their lives at home, in school and in their communities.


We want to be thought leaders within learning through play and a focal point for assimilating the evidence that will convince parents, practitioners and decision makers to bring learning through play into children’s lives. That is why we have our own research centre – the LEGO Foundation Centre for Creativity, Play and Learning – where we fund, collect and showcase evidence that support play as fundamental to children’s positive development. Our primary focus in the Centre is to provide evidence that enable us and our partners to credibly argue the case for play in children’s lives on a solid platform of evidence, facts and research.


We passionately work to convince parents, decision makers and politicians to bring play into children’s lives in the homes, schools and communities. We do this by advocating for learning through play and the knowledge we have on how children best become lifelong learners that will succeed in life. We use our extensive knowledge and evidence gained from our research partnerships along with the results and learnings from our programmes.