Early learning

In Ukraine, the LEGO Foundation and the Ukrainian Ministry of Education have collaborated since 2010 with a focus on bringing learning through play into kindergartens. By training teachers and donating play materials, practice towards early learning has shifted from a traditional chalk-and-talk approach to one where children benefit from play-based learning tapping into their innate ability to learn. More than 4,500 teachers have come to understand and practice learning through play across the country in 200 kindergartens.


schools across the country will implement learning through play

Primary school

In March 2018, we launched yet another initiative together with the Ministry of Education and Science to support the educational reform in Ukraine. Learning through play will play a vital role in reforming the education system why more than 22,000 teachers in 15,500 primary schools nationwide has been trained in working with a play-based methodology. Through this collaboration more than 1,400,000 students will learn and develop their skills through play by 2021.

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