Billund Builds Energy - a project in the Capital of Children

In 2012, the Danish municipality of Billund and the LEGO Foundation (headquartered in Billund, as is the LEGO Group) got together to work with a shared desire to develop the best possible overall framework for children and young people to grow up as creative citizens of the world, working on the basis of play.

Billund Municipality has a vision of being “the best choice for families” – an attractive place for families with children to set up home, for children to grow up and for companies to establish new jobs.

The LEGO Foundation aims to “inspire and develop those who are building our shared future”, and to work with decision-makers, experts, educators and parents to make effective use of play to give children the best opportunities to develop themselves and their skills, and to learn through play.

The two organisations’ shared desire to develop children’s opportunities and to make the municipality a more attractive place to live and work has been structured as a PPI company bearing the proud name of Capital of Children, and a vision for this unique collaborative effort that we express thus:

Billund is the Capital of Children where children learn through play and are creative citizens of the world.

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