The LEGO Foundation aims to build a future in which learning through play empowers children to become creative, engaged, lifelong learners. We are dedicated to re-defining play and re-imaging learning to ensure children build the broad set of skills they need to thrive and succeed.

Re-defining play

Why do we need to re-define play? We believe that play is under threat and extremely undervalued both in its own right and as a means to learning and developing. This stems from the misconception that play is something we do outside of the sphere of learning and development – and as such is a ’nice to have’ rather than a ‘need to have’. We need to reverse this by changing the perception of play to the essential and fundamental need it is.

Re-imagining learning

Likewise, learning needs to be re-imagined because in the majority of countries around the world we are simply going about it in an outdated manner that does not equip our children with the skills they need now – and even more in the future. Our children need skills that will enable them to become creative, engaged, lifelong learners who are able to collaborate, communicate, think critically and be creative. What they are currently getting is education optimised for standardised testing and rote learning. In short, education that was geared towards the needs of their parents and grandparents – but not for coping with and successfully navigating the complexity and opportunities of today’s post 4th industrial revolution world.